What is Your Web Traffic Telling You?

Google Analytics

If you were going to start venting wine or brewing the newest microbrew, one of the first things you would do is measure the fermentation levels during the various stages of the aging process. If they were too high or too low, there are very calculated steps that you would take to make sure that your batch had every opportunity to succeed. 

The same is true for your website. For most businesses, your website is a gateway to everything you have to offer, from your products & service platforms, to establishing industry credibility for visitors and experts alike. It is vital to your continued success to understand and get to know who your visitors are and what they are doing so that you can service them in the best way possible. 

For some, this may seem like a daunting task to do yourself, and it is! At The Aebli Group, we put our Google Certified Analytic experts to work for you to help decipher the difference between page views and visitors. This is important so that you can finally get a handle on which campaigns are working and why. Start making the right decisions for your business instead of making guesses. 

Let's face it, social media is not going anywhere. It is the best way for small companies to get into the market and establish a community. It is also the best way for large conglomerates to stay nimble. 

Once you have a strategy in place, then what? How do you track engagement? What is your ROI? Is an ROI relevant for your strategy?

At The Aebli Group, we will work with you to make sure you see meaningful metrics. Sometimes what Facebook or Twitter provide are just not enough. We will help you make sure you see the important pieces of information that you may be missing now.


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