Edison Awards Case Study

Known as the “Oscars of Innovation,” the Edison Awards connects with top executives from organizations ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to startups, requiring the highest level of professionalism & attention to quality. The Aebli Group has long served as ‘The OFFICIAL Nominations Partner of the Edison Awards.’ The TAG Team continues to do an outstanding job of embodying the business & marketing acumen for which Thomas Edison was known.
— Mindy Manes - Chief Operating Officer - Edison Awards

Initial Concerns: How to grow the number of nominations without becoming "pay-to-play" and sacrificing the mission of the Edison Universe.

When The Aebli Group first got started, the Edison Awards was getting ready to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. They wanted to add to their nomination total and expand their brand. They had recognized both big brands, like Coca-Cola & Nike, as well as respected innovators like A.G. Laffley from P&G and Alan Mulally from Ford. The next step for them was to attract new innovators and make the competition more about recognizing game changing technology and services instead of just name brands. How can you meld the two together and create a more complete competition?

Obstacle: How to let more people know about who The Edison Awards are and what their mission is?

The Edison Awards wanted to be sure they were recognizing the most innovative products, services, companies & people from around the world without watering down the quality of participants. The obstacle was opening up more industries to companies and peoples that are changing their landscape and creating the best strategy for identification and outreach.


The leadership of The Aebli Group, and now the team of The Aebli Group, created a proprietary system of research, identification, outreach and long term relationship building for the Edison Awards. In that short time we have helped TRIPLE the number of participants and more than quadrupled their brand exposure. TAG routinely tracks, monitors, and follows over 15,000 people, companies and innovators from around the world each year. We have created a proprietary way of identifying, following and speaking to incredible organizations and people who are creating and producing the most innovative products and services in the world! See below to see how we work together!

The Aebli Group has implemented:

  • Marketing Automation 
  • Marketing Strategy Alignment
  • Business Development
  • Attendance Programs
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Relationship Building

    CHECK OUT our CEO, JUSTin Starbird, in some GREAT PICTURES OF SOME at PAST Edison Awards EVENTS!

    The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.
    — Thomas A. Edison