The New England Pediatric Device Consortium has been working with The Aebli Group over two years now to generate awareness of their program and encourage grant applications.

Initial Concerns: When we got started, the NEPDC struggles to find prospective grant applicants. They relied on word of mouth within their partner networks, but lacked the robust marketing and outreach structure necessary to find unfamiliar opportunities and make the grant program a success.

Obstacle: Identifying Ideal Applicants and Understanding who their Audience was.

Solution: The Aebli Group worked with the NEPDC leadership team to identify the target audience and create a marketing strategy geared towards potential applicants. Once identified, a process to invite these potential applicants to submit a grant application was developed. The final piece was a crucial follow-up sequence for staying in touch with individuals who had not yet applied for a grant, leaving no opportunity to engage unchecked.

The Aebli Group Implemented:

  • Unique & Propriety Lead Generation System
  • Implemented a Contact Relationship Manager
  • Created an Marketing Automation Platform
  • Marketing Content Strategy