Develop an Analytics Strategy & Improve Marketing Automation

Initial Concerns: Find the best way to measure marketing efforts & calculate a true ROI.

At the outset, Time Timer had a lot of different programs running at the same time and was spending money that did not create a verifiable ROI. We wanted to make sure that the money being spent, went toward programs & projects that produced the highest return. 

Obstacle: Disparate Marketing Strategy

Everything from events, to e-commerce, to local donations were evaluated for their importance to the respective product, and how they fit within the new strategy of the company.

Solution: Create marketing strategies that align with one vision.

We started with the fact that TT was not tracking website analytics. We then realized that none of the campaigns had a central tracking element to them. The first thing that TAG did to assist them in addressing their concerns was establish baseline metrics and web traffic. The second item we addressed was how to track every offer, piece of collateral and ad that they put. This way it was tied to a metric and could be measured for success. 

Once these elements were in place, we created a monthly dashboard where we could see all of these things in a snapshot and really double down on what worked. As a result, we could cut out the bad and replace with more of the good going forward!

The Aebli Group Implemented:

  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Marketing Automation Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy Alignment
  • New Content Strategy

Let the "TAG" Team go to work for you!