Harnessing the Power of Medtech Events for Business Growth in 2024

Harnessing the Power of Medtech Events for Business Growth in 2024


Attending medtech events holds a multitude of benefits for businesses operating in the healthcare and medical technology sectors. 

Events provide a unique platform to: 

  • Showcase innovations, products, and services, fostering heightened visibility and brand recognition
  • Facilitate direct engagement with industry leaders, professionals, and potential collaborators, offering unparalleled networking opportunities
  • Access to the latest technological advancements, regulatory insights, and market trends, staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry

These factors still ring true today as these specialized events serve as catalysts for strategic partnerships, collaboration agreements, and investment opportunities, enabling enterprises to expand their influence, forge meaningful connections, and contribute actively to the ongoing transformation of healthcare and medical technology. 

In essence, attendance at medtech events is not merely an investment in knowledge but a pivotal step towards positioning a business at the forefront of innovation and growth in the dynamic landscape of healthcare.

Jump to the bottom to see how a marketing agency like The Aebli Group can help you make the most of these events!


2024 Events:


JPM Annual Healthcare Conference (JPM 2024)
Date: Jan. 8–11, 2024
Location: The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco
Description: The JPM Healthcare Conference is a pivotal gathering, attracting investors, industry leaders, and healthcare professionals. Renowned for its focus on financial and investment perspectives in the healthcare sector, the conference provides a platform for networking, discussions on market trends, and insights into potential investment opportunities.

CES 2024
Date: Jan. 9–12, 2024
Location: Las Vegas
Description: CES is a global stage for groundbreaking innovations in consumer electronics and technology. Within the medtech realm, CES showcases the latest advancements in health and wellness tech, digital health solutions, wearables, and other cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of healthcare.

MD&M West
Date: Feb. 6–8, 2024
Location: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California
Description: MD&M West is a premier medical design and manufacturing event, offering attendees an in-depth look into the latest advancements in medical device technology, product development, and manufacturing processes. The conference fosters connections among professionals shaping the landscape of medical technology.

AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting
Date: Feb. 12–16, 2024
Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Description: The AAOS Annual Meeting brings together orthopedic surgeons and healthcare professionals to explore the latest developments in orthopedic surgery, research, and education. Attendees benefit from a comprehensive program featuring scientific sessions, instructional courses, and interactive exhibits.

RAPS Global Regulatory Strategy Conference 2024
Date: March 5–7, 2024
Location: Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport, Linthicum Heights, Maryland
Description: Focused on global regulatory strategies, this conference by RAPS provides a platform for regulatory professionals to delve into the intricacies of navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape in the medical and healthcare industries. It addresses challenges and explores strategies for compliance and success.

AdvaMed CEO Summit
Date: March 11- 12, 2024
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Description:  Hosted by AdvaMed, a leading advocate for advancing medical technology innovation, the summit is poised to be an immersive experience, bringing together top executives, industry visionaries, and thought leaders. Attendees can anticipate engaging discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of healthcare. With a focus on leadership, innovation, and strategic insights, the summit promises to be a unique platform for networking, collaboration, and gaining unparalleled perspectives on the evolving landscape of the medtech sector.

Date: March 11–15, 2024
Location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
Description: The HIMSS Conference is a leading event in health information and technology, bringing together healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives, and vendors. Attendees gain insights into the latest healthcare technology solutions, interoperability, and innovations shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Date: March 18-22, 2024
Location: Monarch Beach Resort & Club, Waldorf Astoria, Dana Point, CA 
Description: With a focus on market research and insights, the event promises a deep dive into the latest trends, innovations, and strategic considerations within the life sciences and medtech sectors. Attendees can expect thought-provoking sessions, collaborative networking opportunities, and access to cutting-edge market intelligence. LSI USA '24 is designed to be a nexus for industry leaders, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering partnerships, and gaining invaluable insights into the future of medtech.

American College of Cardiology Scientific Session (ACC.24)
Date: April 6–8, 2024
Location: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta
Description: ACC.24 is a scientific session dedicated to cardiology, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest research, clinical trials, and advancements in cardiovascular medicine. It serves as a critical platform for cardiologists and healthcare professionals to stay updated on best practices and emerging trends.

Design of Medical Devices Conference
Date: April 8–10, 2024
Location: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Description: Hosted by the University of Minnesota, this conference focuses on the intricacies of medical device design and innovation. Participants engage in discussions on human factors, regulatory considerations, and the latest technological advancements shaping the field of medical device development.

DeviceTalks Boston
Date: May 1–2, 2024
Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Description: DeviceTalks Boston is a medtech event that facilitates discussions on critical topics in the medical device industry. Attendees explore innovations, regulatory considerations, and business strategies, while networking with key players and thought leaders in the Boston medtech ecosystem.

American Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting (AANS2024)
Date: May 3–6, 2024
Location: McCormick Place Convention Center – North Building, Chicago
Description: AANS Annual Meeting is a gathering of neurosurgeons and healthcare professionals, offering a comprehensive exploration of advancements in neurosurgery, including research, technologies, and surgical techniques. It provides a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Heart Rhythm 2024
Date: May 16–19, 2024
Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Description: Heart Rhythm is a premier conference dedicated to cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmia management. Participants delve into the latest research, treatment modalities, and advancements in managing heart rhythm disorders. The conference facilitates networking and collaboration among professionals in the field.

Medical Alley Association Annual Dinner
Date: Mid-May
Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul area (TBD)
Description: The Medical Alley Association Annual Dinner is a prestigious event in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, bringing together professionals from the medical technology and healthcare industries. Attendees engage in networking, celebrate achievements, and discuss the region's role as a hub for medical innovation.

IME South 2024
Date: June 4-6, 2034
Location: Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC
Description: The conference provides a comprehensive platform for professionals and experts in the medical engineering domain. Attendees can anticipate engaging sessions covering the latest advancements, innovative technologies, and practical applications within the industry. IME South 2024 fosters an environment conducive to networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, offering a unique opportunity to connect with leading professionals and thought leaders in the field. This event is poised to be a hub for learning about the evolving landscape of medical engineering while providing a space for forging valuable connections.

Society of Robotic Surgery Annual Meeting
Date: June 20–23, 2024
Location: Conrad Orlando, Orlando, Florida
Description: The Society of Robotic Surgery Annual Meeting is a key gathering for professionals involved in robotic surgery. Participants explore the latest robotic technologies, surgical techniques, and advancements in the field. The conference promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among robotic surgery experts.

American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions
Date: June 21–24, 2024
Location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
Description: The ADA Scientific Sessions is a pivotal event for diabetes professionals, offering a comprehensive exploration of diabetes research, treatment strategies, and advancements in care. Attendees gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based practices for managing diabetes.

RAPS Convergence
Date: Sept. 17–19, 2024
Location: Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, California
Description: RAPS Convergence is a vital conference focused on regulatory affairs in the healthcare and medical device industries. Participants delve into global regulatory trends, compliance strategies, and best practices. The event provides a platform for regulatory professionals to stay informed and connected.

BIOMEDevice Boston
Date: September 25-26, 2024
Location: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA
Description: With a focus on fostering innovation and collaboration, BIOMEDevice serves as a crucial platform for professionals in the biomedical and MedTech industries. Attendees can expect a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge technologies, product launches, and industry insights. The event facilitates networking opportunities with key stakeholders, fostering connections that can drive future collaborations and advancements in the field. BIOMEDevice is an invaluable experience for those looking to stay at the forefront of the latest trends, regulatory updates, and transformative technologies within the biomedical landscape. 

North American Spine Society Annual Meeting (NASS 2024)
Date: Sept. 25–28, 2024
Location: McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago
Description: NASS Annual Meeting is a premier spine care conference, gathering professionals to explore the latest developments in spine surgery, research, and patient care. Attendees engage in discussions on innovative treatments and advancements in spinal health.

American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting
Date: Sept. 29–Oct. 2, 2024
Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.
Description: The ASTRO Annual Meeting is a significant event in radiation oncology. Attendees explore the latest research, technological advancements, and treatment modalities in cancer care. The conference fosters collaboration among radiation oncologists and healthcare professionals.

The MedTech Conference
Date: Oct. 15–17, 2024
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto
Description: The MedTech Conference is a global gathering of medtech professionals, providing a comprehensive platform to explore regulatory, reimbursement, and business development trends. Attendees engage in discussions on the latest innovations, fostering collaboration and partnerships within the industry.

Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis
Date: October 16-17, 2024
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN
Description:Tailored for professionals in the manufacturing sector, this event offers a comprehensive platform for exploring the latest advancements in processes, materials, and technologies shaping the future of manufacturing. Attendees can expect a rich array of exhibits, presentations, and hands-on experiences, providing insights into cutting-edge practices, Industry 4.0 innovations, and sustainable manufacturing solutions. With a focus on networking and knowledge exchange, Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis is poised to be a hub for industry professionals, fostering collaboration and discussions around the transformative trends in modern manufacturing.

DeviceTalks West
Date: Oct. 16–17, 2024
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California
Description: DeviceTalks West, hosted in Santa Clara, California, is a medtech event focusing on innovation, business strategies, and regulatory considerations in the medical device industry. Attendees benefit from networking opportunities and discussions with key players on the West Coast.

TCT 2024
Date: Oct. 27–30, 2024
Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.
Description: Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) is a leading conference in interventional cardiovascular medicine. Participants explore the latest advancements in catheter-based treatments, clinical trials, and emerging technologies, fostering collaboration among cardiologists and industry professionals.

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions
Date: Nov. 16–18, 2024
Location: McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago
Description: The AHA Scientific Sessions is a premier cardiovascular research and education event. Attendees gain insights into groundbreaking research, clinical trials, and advances in cardiovascular science and medicine. The conference serves as a hub for cardiologists, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley
Date: November 20-21, 2024
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA
Description: Tailored for industry professionals, this event serves as a nexus for exploring the latest innovations, breakthrough technologies, and strategic insights in the biomedical field. Attendees can anticipate an immersive experience featuring engaging exhibits, expert-led sessions, and invaluable networking opportunities. With a focus on fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley provides a platform to stay ahead of industry trends, regulatory updates, and emerging technologies. Whether seeking inspiration for product development or forging connections with key stakeholders, this event is a pivotal opportunity for professionals shaping the future of biomedical engineering.

Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA)
Date: Dec. 1–5, 2024
Location: McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago
Description: The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting is one of the largest gatherings in radiology. Participants explore the latest innovations in medical imaging, artificial intelligence applications, and advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology.

NextMed Health
Date: Dec. 10–13, 2024
Location: Hotel del Coronado, San Diego
Description: NextMed Health is a forward-looking event at Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. Attendees explore the intersection of technology and healthcare, gaining insights into the future of healthcare delivery, digital health solutions, and innovative technologies shaping the industry.

The advantages of participating in medtech events extend far beyond mere attendance; they encapsulate a transformative journey for businesses in the healthcare and technology sectors. By immersing yourself in these dynamic gatherings, you gain unparalleled opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and exposure to cutting-edge innovations. 

The benefits ripple through increased brand visibility, strategic collaborations, and a deep understanding of industry trends. The connections made, insights gained, and partnerships forged at these events lay the foundation for sustained growth, innovation, and success in an ever-evolving industry. 

Embrace the future of medtech by making your mark at these transformative events, and witness the profound impact on your business.

By partnering with a marketing agency for pre, during, and post-event efforts, businesses can not only optimize their presence at medtech events but also benefit from a comprehensive strategy that aligns with broader business objectives.

Pre-Event Optimization:

  • Targeted Outreach: Utilize digital marketing strategies for precise outreach to key stakeholders, collaborators, and influencers.
  • Campaign Creation: Craft compelling campaigns to generate pre-event buzz and increase awareness about your participation.
  • Content Development: Collaborate on creating impactful content such as promotional materials, press releases, podcasts, blogs, and engaging social media posts.

Event Execution:

  • Brand Visibility: Enhance on-site visibility through strategically placed signage, booth design, and promotional materials.
  • Social Media Management: Ensure real-time engagement through live updates, posts, and interaction on social media platforms to maximize exposure.

Post-Event Aid:

  • Analytics and Reporting: Analyze event performance data to measure success and gather insights for future improvements.
  • Follow-Up Campaigns: Develop targeted follow-up campaigns to maintain engagement with contacts made during the event.
  • Content Recap: Produce post-event content recaps, leveraging captured moments to sustain interest and extend the event's impact.

Elevate your presence and impact in the ever-evolving medtech landscape by partnering with The Aebli Group. Let us tailor a strategic approach to optimize your attendance at these transformative events. From crafting compelling pre-event campaigns to ensuring a strong post-event presence, we specialize in maximizing your visibility, fostering connections, and translating event participation into long-term business success. 

Take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your presence at these medtech events by downloading our “Event Marketing Guide: The Do’s and Do Not’s of your Next Tradeshow” today!

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