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What is digital marketing? 

It is the system of digital channels where consumers, clients, and prospects are looking to engage with brands that can potentially solve their challenges. Being online and being available to solve these challenges, offer insights, and provide information at the core of what marketing is. By implementing an omni-channel digital marketing strategy, teams can collect valuable insights that help target behaviors that signal potential buying decisions, issues, and provide customer service that people expect of the best brands. 

Where to start? 

The place to start is with digital assets that you can control. Think of your website, your social media profiles, Google Adwords, and your email list. As you look at them, are they all telling the same story? Do they have a brand “feel” or “look” to them that make your company identifiable? Finally, how often are they updated? 

Get your house in order.

A lot of times, our clients come to us and they know that they need to get started or have been doing a “bunch of different things” but are feeling overwhelmed with staying consistent about it. Or they need to take their existing efforts to “the next level.” Thats where the TAG Team comes in and helps create a strategy that can be followed, set up KPI’s to measure success, and be held accountable for following through on what needs to get done.

Certified HubSpot Partner

We work hard to help you become a thought leader and turn that insight into useful information your followers are seeking out.


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Inbound Marketing

TAG is a HubSpot Certified Solutions Partner. We will work with you to add strategy & clarity to your digital marketing strategy.


Relevant and timely entries that come from what you do everyday is a great way to connect with both prospects and clients alike.


The closer to the top of major search pages you are, the more organic traffic your site receives, more opportunities to turn visitors to leads.

Podcasts & Vlogs

Creating content that is native to folks' consumer habits is vital to creating value during the customer acquisition phase of business development.

Email Strategy

Let your community know you have created new value for them. Email is STILL one of the most effective ways to stay top of mind.

Analytics with Purpose
Analytics With Purpose

We work hard to make sure that if we recommend to do something, there are measurable results that can be reviewed and analyzed.

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