Podcasts are transforming how brands connect with customers

Using a podcast as an anchor to your content strategy is an incredible way to establish credibility, build an audience, and engage with customers to solve their most challenging concerns. Podcasts are more than just an interview. They are a gateway to knowing first-hand how people truly feel about your company and brand. 

At TAG, we believe that they are also a wonderful way to build company culture and help further the goals of your employees. 

If recorded interviews and podcasts are at the core of your content strategy, you have the ability to share the knowledge and insights of your most important resource - your team. They are the ones with the knowledge and experience that help your customers understand what you do, how you do it, and relate to a story so that they feel an emotional connection to your business.

Explore how a podcast fuels thought leadership, intent-based awareness, first-party data, and so much more.


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How Podcasts Fuel Your Brand

Build Advocates

Addressing concerns head on is the best way to turn missteps into opportunities. Be authentic and listen to the voice of the customer.

Capture Data
Capture 1st Party Data

Understanding what the behaviors of your audience are is a great way to tailor content and topics to specific their needs and challenges.

Search Engine Optimization
Fuel SEO

Podcasts and interviews that are properly can amplify your SEO strategy and support every other aspect of your marketing.

Thought Leadership

Share knowledge in ways that are catered to meet the needs of your customers and show how your team is better & different than your competitors.

Own Your Audience

Developing deep and lasting relationships allows you to gain the audacity to ask clients about their experience and share their story. Let them be your guest!

Distribute Everywhere

Whether you want your podcast for personal reasons or you want to become a global influencer, TAG will help put your podcast where people will listen. 

Content Machine

It is difficult to take several hours to write an article or thought leadership piece. A podcast can be repurposed to be blogs, articles, white papers, and social media posts.

100% Share of Attention

When a listener downloads or streams your podcast, you have their undivided attention to talk about challenges and concerns that matter to them. Be their solution!

Immersive Conversation

Using a podcast as a pillar piece of content for your digital marketing strategy gives your customers & prospects the opportunity to interact about experiences & expertise.

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