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When does your company need a CRM?


At its core, HubSpot is a CRM platform. CRM stands for Contact Relationship Manager but means so much more than that. Often, the initial hesitation with adopting a CRM is the misconceptions surrounding cost, especially when starting.

HubSpot has all the tools for the front office management of a company or organization, whether the marketing team, sales side, content management, or customer service. HubSpot allows folks to manage their day-to-day operations from a single platform, have a single source of truth, and help their business hit the ground running. The real power of HubSpot is how all of the platform elements work together.

We help you pull all of this information together at TAG and make it actionable!

Lastly, one great thing about using HubSpot is when new users engage with the platform, HubSpot is well known for tremendous customer service, operational support, and its HubSpot Academy. These wonderful resources are available for customers right out of the box.

What does it mean to be a 'Partner'?

TAG is a certified solutions partner 

"The real benefit of working with an organization like TAG is that you have an expert agency working alongside you, developing a strategy, helping to create the best experience, and making the most of the HubSpot tools. As a Channel Account Manager, my role is an overlay between HubSpot Platform and TAG Services. Not only do you have HubSpot, not only do you have TAG, but also someone that is bridging the gap between those two entities, aligning and delivering the best possible outcomes.

(A platform like) HubSpot can give you all of the features and functions of a CRM, but somebody still has to get their hands dirty and do the work. Someone is still going to need to set up the operational and strategic vision for what a project will look like. Working with a partner like TAG, who not only has the expertise from a marketing and sales side but who has worked with many companies on HubSpot implementations before. TAG can help anticipate common pitfalls and set clients up for success.

The other tremendous benefit of working with a partner like TAG is that HubSpot has many positives, but we've scaled a ton over the years, and we're a pretty big company now. When you interact with HubSpot directly, you will get industry-recommended best practices from the HubSpot team, but they might not be curated directly to your specific organization. Everybody has their own wrinkles and specialties that require a more nuanced or curated approach. Having a long-term relationship with a partner like TAG that understands the technical requirements of HubSpot and the intricacies and nuances of your particular organization creates synergy, drives ROI, and increases efficiency.

TAG gets that!"

-- Lucas Stacey, Channel Account Manager for HubSpot --

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How TAG Utilizes HubSpot

Content Strategy
Content Strategy

At TAG, we implement a content strategy that is thoughtful and purposeful to help clients tell their unique brand story.

CRM Implementation

Working in unison with the HubSpot Team, we help with implementation, improve adoption, and measure results.

Social Media
Social Media

We help clients define success, create a voice, and distribute their content through the HubSpot Platform.

Digital Marketing

The TAG Team helps clients leverage all of their digital channels to pull in the same direction and measure results.

Event Marketing

At each show or event, TAG works with clients to create themes, messaging, and goals and track ROI through HubSpot.

HubSpot CMS

Your website is the first interaction with a prospect and the backbone of your brand message. 

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