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How Explainer Videos Tell Something Powerful

"Animated explainer videos are crucial because we've got new technologies that have never been thought up before. Infinera pioneered XR optics that create the ability to split a laser into multiple segments so that you can shoot that laser to multiple places at the same time. That's going to change how optical networking works fundamentally. It will look a lot more like the IP world than it does the optical world now, where everything is point-to-point. At Infinera, we introduced a point to multipoint, but the audience (for the videos) isn't the optical engineer, so we have to find ways to explain it in layman's terms, so that any viewer can understand the impact of the technology.

The explainer videos that TAG helped us complete have helped people understand what it is that we do, how our technology will help them, and what is next. They've gotten tremendous feedback from everybody that sees them. We spend two or three minutes explaining how something works in very layman terms."

-- Russ Fordyce, Senior Director of Content Marketing for Infinera --

Infinera "They Said It Couldn't Be Done" Corporate Video

They said it couldn't be done

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Infinera enables its customers to usher in new services and applications that improve how people communicate. Their innovative approach is vertically integrated, open, and offers modular solutions. Infinera has a long history of challenging conventional thinking, bending the laws of science, and continually reimagining telecommunication networks. TAG helped Infinera tell that story through a corporate video for another project.

How TAG Helps Infinera

Video Production

Our team strives to embrace the latest and most remarkable technologies to enhance our client's goals and desired outcomes. We are constantly working to exceed your expectations.

Explainer Videos

We work with you to find tell your story in your voice. Animated explainer videos help your customers & prospects understand complex challenges in a way that other platforms cannot.

Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership

By putting together thoughtful content and working to make sure it answers specific questions, TAG helps Infinera develop a winning strategy, mapped to their sales and business objectives.

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