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The Morningside Group helps create solutions to solve business challenges

The Morningside Group is a financial and operationally focused business consulting group. When Mark Sponseller, CEO & Co-Founder says financial and operational, that really equates to the things he and his team have been working on for their whole careers over the last 25 years. The group works with corporate entities, private equity banks, mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, but then also performance improvement, crisis and change management. Although their spectrum is broad, at the end of the day, they just trying to help solve problems and turn things around.

There are certain cases, where Morningside will step-in as interim management, taking the keys, and making change. Their team of professionals really focus on not just redoing or retreading other consultants but finding people who have truly unique backgrounds. Generally speaking, the team is made up from elements in consulting and experience on the business side so that a client is gaining the collective experience in both principal and agency side of houses because. 

The Morningside thesis is that, combining experiences creates a unique feel to the teams a client gets and the experiences they bring help you solve problems quicker.


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TAG & Morningside

"The TAG Team is great. We worked together on a company that had been growing at an accelerated pace that really had never landed a national account of note. Some super regionals, your team getting involved was right around the time we were going after what I call an elephant, and you were very helpful when I think about it is that you really helped us understand the voice of the customer. 

Going in, there was a preconceived notion of what the customer wanted, but you (TAG) helped us better understand the voice of the customer, 'what do they want' and then translate that into 'how do we fit there'. The process, it felt very natural. But it was funny, for the customer, I think we were a dark horse candidate to win. Winning that company as a new customer, I think surprised and shocked the industry. Candidly, winning that customer and then, rinse repeat on a couple of others probably led us to get an outsized multiple when we exited (sold the company).

Your group was a huge help in that. It's not just the things you (TAG) did to help translate our message, but it's also the structure you brought to the table. That gave us the confidence we could win (more big customers). If you're going to pitch some work, not only is it the pitch, but people have to see in your eyes that you actually feel like you can accomplish it, you can win it, you're here, you deserve to be here. I think you guys were helpful in building that confidence by helping us manage the process.

We were fortunate to get over 10 multiples (when we exited). It's exciting to share the story of how TAG helped. That was a huge piece of the commercial successes we had right before we closed."

-- Mark Sponseller, CEO, Co-Founder, The Morningside Group --

How TAG Works with Morningside Group

Business Development

At TAG, we helped Morningside develop a winning business development strategy, mapped to their company's sales and business objectives.

Digital Marketing

We helped Morningside leverage their digital assets and brand messaging to pull in the same direction to effectively communicate with the customer. 

Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership

Working with Morningside, we worked to understand the behaviors, needs, and challenges of the customer and solved those concerns.

How Does Thought Leadership Drive New Business

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